Wildlife Conservation Officer Michelle Lawless
Protection and Preservation for our Precious Natural Resources



Michelle's Passion:

On October 27th, 2007, as the sun had set and no moon had risen, in the blackest of night a woman on patrol for poachers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission would lose her life protecting our Florida Everglades that she cherished so deeply.


These are the passions of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Officer Michelle Ann Lawless.


Michelle had a passion for Natural Resource protection. She often spoke about how precious our environnment is and the importance of maintaining a delicate balance as humans who live in it.


When asked what else would you like to do as a career Michelle would respond by saying, "You know I really can't see myself doing anything else".


Michelle understood at a very young age the importance of maintaining a balance in one’s own life between the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.


Michelle had a way of making people feel good about them selves by helping them to discover what made them happy. Our family said it best when they said, “Michelle always made everybody else feel special when in fact it was SHE who was the special one!”


Never stop learning she would say…pick up a new hobby, or study a new art, continue to challenge your mind, body, and soul…this is what will bring you inner peace.


Michelle lived her life by LIVING IN THE MOMENT. She never dwelled in the past or stretched too far into the future only focused on savoring every moment in her life as it happened.


And so the family will honor her many messages;


  • Enjoy what you have while you have it


  • Live in the moment


  • And live life to the fullest


She would want you to know that we can all make a difference in the environment. That we all have choices we make on a daily basis as individuals that can combine to make a huge and lasting impact.


Whether it is participating in a community clean-up, re-cycling, becoming more energy efficient by experimenting with solar power at home, or using a wind turbine, growing your own organic garden, or buying produce locally grown, setting up a rain barrell to recycle water…all of these activities and so many more CAN have a lasting impact on our world’s natural resources.


As a last thought…


When nature presents you with an opportunity for you to make a difference think of Wildlife Officer Michelle Ann Lawless and her dreams for preserving and protecting our most valuable natural resources for those who follow.


Michelle gave the ultimate sacrifice in protecting our environment! And for this we will be forever grateful.